2010-03 Can your business afford to ignore Facebook?

400 million active users and over 60 million status updates per day

Facebook is already the “world’s largest social network” in 2010 having fought closely with MySpace and Twitter. Let’s look at some stunning Facebook statistics:

  • More than 400 million active users
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • More than 60 million status updates posted each day
  • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
  • More than 3.5 million events created each month
  • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
  • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook

(*Source: Facebook)
No matter what industry you are in or who your target audience might be; there is no denying that in one way or another, they are impacted by Facebook. If your business is not leveraging the power of this social network, you are missing huge opportunities. But it’s never too late to begin!

Ads, Polls, Groups, Sponsorships and More…

Facebook Advertising and Marketing

Image of Facebook faces and finger targeting oneWith 400 million users on Facebook, you know you are connecting with real people. More importantly, you are reaching out to the right people at the right time! Your business can use Facebook advertising to help increase demand for your product or service. Facebook Ads makes it easy and cost-effective to quickly set up and manage your campaign. You can use image and text-based ads, advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event. Facebook Ads offers you the flexibility to choose — to pay per click or pay per impression in your local currency.

Advertising online is all about measurable results. You can optimize Facebook ads to track your progress with real-time reporting. By gaining insights about what type of users are clicking on your ad, you can make modifications to maximize your results.

You also have the ability to combine other marketing solutions (like polls, sponsorships, groups, etc.) with your Facebook advertising to gain greater ROI. For example, when you have a well established Facebook presence with your ads, plus Facebook Pages or Facebook Events, you can take your advertising message a step further. Turn your ad into a trusted referral by including content from a user’s “friends” who are already affiliated with your products or services! For a low cost of participation, you get a truly engaged audience. Nothing can beat the positive and long-lasting results of that!

This is Real-time Socializing

Facebook Mistakes You Should Avoid

Having a large circle of “friends” on Facebook is great, but as a business owner, you need to be cautious about how you interact online. Expanding your network by sending out several friend requests to people you have never interacted with in some way can be a waste of your time and theirs. It’s the same thing with “accepting” friend requests. If you want to socialize in real time, it should be with people who have something to offer that interests you; something than can add value to your life in some way. At all times, whether it is just “writing on the wall”, a Facebook Ad campaign, a Page or an Event, your Facebook time must engage your target audiences in meaningful and positive experiences online.